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Our curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that children will leave Cliff Lane with the knowledge and skills to enable them to navigate their next steps both in secondary school and in their wider communities. But it is not just about the future. It is also about providing children with experiences now that are enriching and meaningful, that will add to their well-being and feed their natural curiosity, awe and wonder at the world around them.

All children learn English, maths and these two subjects are at the heart of our curriculum. In addition to these subjects, from Year 1 the following subjects are taught:

Science | French/Spanish | Geography | History | Religious Education | Design and Technology | Computing | Art | Music | PE

There are three core threads or 'drivers' to our curriculum which are Mastery, Planet Earth and Every Opportunity.

We have an area of the curriculum that we call 'Me and the World' and this includes Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship, Relationships and Sex Education. Please see our Me and the World Policy for more detail on this.

Our Early Years approach is designed to underpin what our children go on to learn in later years but also to give them experiences now - to need their natural curiosity and foster in them a zest for learning.

Our curriculum is always under review. We constantly evaluate what the children learn and will adapt where necessary, in particular in response to contemporary events e.g. the bush fires in Australia, our school in lockdown or the General Election. We also have whole school focus events such as our Global Arts Week to add breadth to the children's learning experiences.

To find out about what your child is currently learning, please visit the separate Class Pages and look out for Talking Points on our weekly newsletters so that you can talk to your children about what they are learning at the moment.