Our core value at Cliff Lane is belief. We have an uncompromising belief that every child (and adult!) can do it! We know that childhood is exciting and challenging. We want every child at Cliff Lane to feel empowered to achieve, flourish and thrive, and we can do this because we believe in everyone.

Our motto: do it right, do it well, do it!

This sums up for us how we think we can be positive contributors and make successes of our lives.

1. Do it right: this is about respect and powerful relationships, about being connected and reflective. It is about tolerance and consideration for our friends and neighbours, both locally and globally; it is also about looking after ourselves. We will only flourish and grow if we get this right.

2. Do it well: excellence and expertise are important to us. We want to be accomplished and knowledgeable. We want to know details, know the specialist words, know how to do things well and have such a depth of knowledge that we can apply it in different situations.

3. Do it! Curious, positive, brave and persistent learners make amazing friends, citizens and employees. We talk about zest and grit. We work hard at developing these characteristics and are always asking ourselves - are we making the most of every opportunity?


Everything that we do at Cliff Lane is underpinned by consistency and high expectations. We are consistent in the approaches that we take, understanding that every child that comes to our school is different and may need slightly adapted approaches for them to be able to flourish. We have high expectations across everything we do, ensuring that all children and staff have a belief in them that they can achieve their full potential.

As part of ASSET Education we also strongley believe and strive to follow the ASSET vision, mission and values. To find out more please click here.