Cliff Lane Primary has an Executive Headteacher and a Head of School. An Executive Headteacher is often someone who has oversight of more than one school or has a significant responsibility elsewhere in a Trust. The Head of School runs the school on a day to day basis, with the strategic support, guidance and vision of the Executive Headteacher. We also have Ms King who is our Assistant Headteacher who is a member of the core senior leadership team.

A very warm welcome to you.

My name is Ms Leek and I am the Executive Headteacher here at Cliff Lane Primary. I am delighted to be able to support and lead such a positive and vibrant school. Cliff Lane's greatest strength lies, of course, in its wonderful can-do children. We talk a lot about 'Can-Do', taking every opportunity and being a learning superhero.

I believe that school should be a holistic experience. It is a place for learning key skills and knowledge but it is also a place to support the development of each unique child - personal, spiritual, social and health education is so important. We must find opportunities for our children to be outdoors connecting with nature, to go on trips and visits to understand our locality and bring learning alive, and use technology to see what is happening across the globe.

Ms Leek is the Director of Strategy for ASSET Education. Cliff Lane joined ASSET Education in March 2019. ASSET Education Trust is a non-profit education trust made up of fourteen primary schools located across Suffolk. To find out more about ASSET click here.

I am the Head of School and my name is Mrs Broom. I am so proud to be leading Cliff Lane Primary as it goes from strength to strength.

Cliff Lane is a school that offers so many different things and that is what we want to achieve - an individual experience that supports all our pupils, whatever their talents, interests and characters.

Always talk to your child's teacher if you have a question, and your Phase Leader will also be very happy to help. However, if you want to speak with me for any reason, get in touch through the school office - my door is always open.

My name is Ms King and I am the Assistant Headteacher at Cliff Lane Primary School. I support with the day to day running and organisation of the school as well as teaching and learning.

At Cliff Lane, the children are at the centre of everything we do. We are always reflecting on the experiences we are able to provide for our children and constantly looking for ways to vary and widen these opportunities.

We love to share our children's achievements with our community to keep an eye on our weekly Newsletters, Latest News and Twitter.

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