Uniform 2021/2022

Following the consultation that we ran we now have a final plan for uniform from September 2021. Click here to read the uniform requirements. Please note:

  1. Grey jumpers are still the uniform for EYFS and KS1 and will be next year as these are not yet being phased out while there are many in stock.

  2. Logo-ed royal blue jumpers for KS2 upwards will be available in the foreseeable future from PMG. We are working with them on a low impact, eco material choice.

  3. Lots of children are already wearing royal blue polo shirts (they look great!) and we are happy for these to be non-logo-ed. This is more affordable for parents.

  4. If a KS1 child already has a royal blue jumper they can of course wear it but the grey jumper is the uniform - we suggest the royal blue ones be a second or third 'back-up' jumper for now.

  5. When we say all black we mean all black. See the image below for examples of completely black options. This is very important for September.

Here is a record of the consultation that we ran. We followed this up with work with suppliers to make sure that we had the best plan for the future.

Uniform Consultation - first update: Click here

Uniform update - March 2021

At the moment we are in a period of transition. The current uniform requirements are as follows:

  1. Try and wear our blue PE t-shirts as much you can, or royal blue polo shirts.

  2. Children should wear completely black shoes - black trainers (with no logos or colours) are best.

  3. If any children would like to wear a summer ‘gingham’ dress then please could this be in green or blue (preferably blue) and I recommend shorts underneath or a ‘playsuit’ style so we can go running and cart-wheeling at every opportunity!

Of course any child that has a grey logo-ed jumper or cardigan can carry on wearing these. Alternatively, plain black jumpers or cardigans should be worn on top, or our black Cliff Lane fleeces.

Uniform FAQs

Does my child have to wear black on the bottom half?

Yes - black trousers, shorts and skirts in an 'active style' are best. Children will be running and being active every day, not just on PE days.

Does my child have to wear a Cliff Lane PE t-shirt every day?

No, but wear it when you can. And if you want to buy any new polo shirts, please buy plain royal blue polo shirts or a PE polo shirt - there are still some in stock from PMG.

Can I get any help with buying some items for the summer term?

Yes - if anyone will find these slightly adapted arrangements hard to source because of financial difficulties, please contact the school office - we can help.

Can my child wear trainers?

Yes - plain black including the soles.

Can my child wear a school summer dress?

Yes although we think shorts and polo shirts are more practical. However, if you want to wear dresses please buy them in blue check and you will need shorts to wear underneath so that PE can happen at any time - we don’t want the children to have to get changed. The ‘playsuit’ design is best.