Uniform update- March 2021

We are considering reviewing our school uniform so that we can maintain the active routines we have been getting into since returning on 8th March. Wearing sports wear has really benefited everyone and it is much more practical - less time is wasted getting changed for PE (not to mention there is no lost property!).

Please do not purchase any new school uniform for the time being. Plain, practical sportswear is the only thing to worry about for now. Do not invest in new school shoes! A good pair of trainers is much more useful. If you want to stay with the school colours then blue, black, green and grey are best.

In summary:

  1. Continue to wear active wear.

  2. Aim for black on the bottom half - leggings, shorts or jogging bottoms.

  3. Try and wear our blue PE t-shirts as much as we can, or wear plain t-shirts, polo shirts and jumpers.

  4. Children wear sensible trainers all the time, black if possible.

  5. If any children would like to wear a summer ‘gingham’ dress then please could this be in green or blue (preferably blue) and I recommend shorts underneath or a ‘playsuit’ style so we can go running and cart-wheeling at every opportunity!

Of course any child that has a grey logo-ed jumper or cardigan can carry on wearing these.

Uniform FAQs
Does my child have to wear black on the bottom half?

Black is the easiest colour to source so I would hope that nearly everyone can manage to do this before the start of the summer term. Black shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms please.

Does my child have to wear a Cliff Lane PE t-shirt every day?

No, but wear it when you can. It would be good to aim for Cliff Lane colours in general - plain blue and green t-shirts or polo shirts if you can.

Can I get any help with buying some items for the summer term?

Yes - if anyone will find these slightly adapted arrangements hard to source because of financial difficulties, please contact the school office - we can help.

Can my child wear trainers?

Yes - and ideally they will be plain black including the soles. However, any trainers are fine for now.

Can my child wear a school summer dress?

Yes although I think that sports wear is more practical. However, if you want to wear dresses please buy them in green or blue check and you will need shorts to wear underneath so that PE can happen at any time - we don’t want the children to have to get changed. The ‘playsuit’ design is most practical.

When will the final decision be made on uniform?

We will keep asking and talking and consulting about this over the summer term to re-start with a set, agreed uniform in September 2021.


School uniform can be purchased through PMG Schoolwear. Items with * below are items that are specific to our school (i.e. with the school logo).

Please click on the link for updated information from PMG Schoolwear ready for September 2020.

Nursery and Reception

White polo shirt

Grey school cardigan or jumper*

Black skirt, dress, shorts or trousers

Black jogging bottoms - nursery only

Plain socks or tights

Black shoes or pumps

KS1: Years 1 &2

White polo shirt

Grey school cardigan or jumper*

Black skirt, dress, shorts or trousers

Plain socks or tights

Black shoes (not trainers)

KS2: Years 3-6

School tie*

White shirt

Black skirt, dress, shorts or trousers

Black jumper or cardigan

Plain socks or tights (black, natural or navy)

Black shoes (not trainers)

Blazer (optional)*

PE Kit

Blue PE polo shirt

PE bag*

Black shorts or jogging bottoms

Black fleece*