Forest School

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Here at Cliff Lane, we are fortunate enough for our children to be able to experience some regular forest school sessions. We have a dedicated wildlife area on site, vegetable garden, a large expansive field, and an outdoor classroom to fulfil many exciting learning opportunities.

Forest school is based on a fundamental respect for children and their capacity to investigate, test and maintain curiosity in the world around them.

  • It believes in children’s right to play;

  • The right to access the outdoors, in particular a woodland environment;

  • The right to access risk and the vibrant reality of the natural world;

  • The right to experience a healthy range of emotions, through all the challenges of social interaction,

  • To build resilience that will enable continued and creative engagement with their peers to reach their full potential.

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Every opportunity

Here at Cliff Lane, we place a great deal of value and belief in the benefits of outdoor learning. Forest School is an inspirational concept providing learning opportunities, through practical activities in the outdoor environment. Children enjoy the freedom to explore and experience the natural world, in all seasons and in all weathers. Forest School embraces an approach of nurturing, supporting and developing the self-esteem of the participants. It is an ideal environment in which to develop innovation, problem solving, risk-taking, creativity and teamwork.

Cliff Lane Forest School ethos

Forest School sessions at Cliff Lane Primary School will provide diverse opportunities for children to benefit from a supportive and vibrant curriculum that can help them build positive values and attitudes about themselves, what they are learning, and the environment in which they live.

We offer children;

  • a belief in a unique, multi-sensory long term educational approach based on tuning into nature and the environment first hand and experiencing all it has to offer.

  • the opportunity to learn new skills, consolidate learned skills in many different contexts and use the school of nature to grow in confidence, wisdom, resilience and independence.

  • the freedom to take risks, learn what that feels like, and express themselves through holistic experiences. To share opportunities and experiences with like minded, knowledgeable, engaged adults who are tuned into individual needs and circumstances to enable all children to reach their potential through the best possible outcomes.

  • the opportunity to grow into well rounded individuals, who can express themselves confidently, are self motivated and use the life skills they have acquired to conquer the world with zest and grit.

Forest School Rota - September 2022