Our staff


Head of School: Mrs Broom

Deputy Headteacher: Ms King

Operational Staff

Site Manager: Mr Broom

Senior Admin and Family Liaison Officer: Ms Griffiths

School Receptionist: Mrs Lodge

Finance Assistant: Mrs Dreher

Senco: Mrs Booth is our Senco (NANSENCO)

Middle Leaders

Upper School Senior Teacher:

Miss Sleighthome

Lower School Senior Teacher: Miss Lloyd


British Values and SLC: Mr Claydon

Learning Support and Staff Wellbeing: Miss Curran

English: Mrs Leeks


PPA Teachers: Mrs Leeks, Mr Tricker,

Mrs Hughes and Miss Rawlins


Mrs McErlain-Naylor (maternity leave)

Class Teachers (+subject)

Year 6 - Cormorants: Miss Mowles (Geography and Eco-Schools)

Year 6 - Kestrels: Mr Godbold (Reading)

Year 5 - Kingfishers: Mr Claydon (DT)

Year 5 - Swifts: Miss Tarrant (History)

Year 4 - Willows: Miss Sleightholme (Performing arts and Maths)

Year 4 - Poplars: Miss Foulger

Year 3 - Hawthorns: Miss Curran (Science)

Year 3 - Rowans: Ms S Butler (English)

Year 2 - Badgers: Miss Lloyd (PE and Phonics)

Year 2 - Otters: Mr Peskett (RE and Me and the World)

Year 1 - Squirrels: Miss Woods (Music)

Year 1 - Hedgehogs: Mrs Peto (EAL and Speech and Lang.)

Reception - Minnows: Ms C Butler (MfL)

Reception - Tadpoles: Mrs Montgomery (EYFS Maths)

Nursery - Bees: Mrs Briggs (Forest Schools) and Mrs Self (Nursery)

Learning Support

Year 6: Mrs Allen and Mrs Pearson

Year 5: Miss Ranson, Mrs Orr and Mrs Plummer

Year 4: Mrs Snell, Mrs Parker, Mrs Poole and Mrs Davy

Year 3: Mrs Read, Mrs Meecham, Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Osbourn

Year 2: Mrs Anderson, Ms Wilson, Mrs Taylor

Year 1: Mrs Farley, Miss Wood, Mrs Driver

Reception: Mr Shaw, Mrs King, Miss Nunes

Nursery: Mrs Orris and Miss Clark

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Root

Mrs Everett

Mrs Potentas

Miss Potter

Mr O Broom

Wraparound Coordinators: Mrs Driver and Miss Ranson