Me and the World

Me and the World is what some schools call Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE). It also includes for us spiritual, social and moral learning, and relationships and sex education (RSE). We call it Me and the World because we think that makes more sense to the children than lots of acronyms!

(Our RSE policy is available on our policies page which outlines what topics are studied when. You can also find out more by clicking here to view our RSE and PSHE scheme).

Some key things to know about how we deliver Me and the World:

  • We have regular whole school assemblies which will often have a theme over a number of weeks. Recently we have learnt about people who have taken #everyopportunity in their lives, how the planet drinks from 'one well' (and how we have to look after the planet), and how to be awesome.

  • Phase leaders will lead phase assemblies which will look at things like world religions and beliefs, British Values and how to become a better remember-er and learner.

  • There are regular lessons with an RSE/PSHE focus. For example, children will discuss and debate what makes a good friend, or how people live in different families (one parent, two parents, kinship carers e.g. grandparents)

  • There are regular Philosophy for Children sessions where children reflect and discuss questions that they themselves generate. An example might be, 'Is it better to be a child than an adult?'. There won't be a simple answer but taking part is simple - the questions get children thinking, talking and sharing ideas respectfully.