Cliff Lane Robins

Cliff Lane Robins was our 'pop-up' childcare provision for children of 'critical' or 'key' workers only during the lockdown in 2020. We will be calling our wraparound The Robins in memory of this time.

If you think you are a key worker and need childcare provision please complete the form.

Confirmation of places will be sent by email.

Timings of the day: 8.45-3.10pm


Does my child have to wear uniform? - No, unless they want to or if you want them to.

Can my child just turn up? - No. You need to have received confirmation via If you have not heard, please email to enquire.

Can my child come for a morning or afternoon session? No - we are running a very small provision with a small number of staff. We need to keep things simple at the moment so each session is the same - 8.45am-3.10pm

Do we drop off at the front entrance? - No, we are using an entrance around the side of the school. You will see Robin notices to show you where to go.

Does my child need a packed lunch? - Please bring a packed lunch. If you are usually in receipt of income related free school meals, let us know if this will be difficult for you and we will be able to help.

Is my child's teacher teaching my child? - No. This is a childcare provision. Staff will do their best to support your child's learning via Google Classroom and other activities. But it will be running a bit more like a holiday club with lots of activities that are accessible to children of different ages.